Composition: non-woven material made of thermally bonded polyethylene fibers Color: white Density: 41.5 g/m Sizes: XL Usage: to protect against the physical penetration of hazardous solid particles and liquid chemicals Chemical factors: acid concentration up to 40%, alkali concentration up to 40%. Conforms to the requirements of TR TS 019/2011 "On the safety of personal protective equipment" Wash: not allowed Material thickness: 140 μm Weight: 180 g Abrasion resistance: At the level of 100 cycles Tear resistance: 68 N Particle protection: 99.2% of particles larger than 1 micron Protection against exposure to liquid chemicals: Water, oils, solutions of inorganic acids 40% and alkalis 40% Resists water pressure: 120 cm Resistance to low and high temperatures: It remains flexible up to minus 73 ° C, melts at 135 ° C

  • protective coveralls
  • men's coveralls
  • men's suits

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