Protor Door Coating


The front door not only acts as an important architectural design element, however, but is also expected to offer protection against the wind and weather. Heat, cold, damp and UV radiation from the sun, as well as wood-destroying fungi, are constant sources of stress for front doors. Under these aspects, ADLER has developed a highly technological and particularly resistant painting system. The new all-round improved Aquawood Protor System has allowed new standards to be set in the front door coating sector. The new generation boasts extraordinary scratch resistance, even greater hardness, excellent economy and more efficient drying. With Aquawood Protor, ADLER provides an innovative system, which meets the highest quality demands, whilst being easier to process and reducing material costs – ALL IN ONE. In the case of this system too, ADLER naturally builds on decades of experience in the research and development of water-thinnable surface coatings.

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