System for computer driving of cars on test tracks such as AEB, ADAS, FUSI. This configuration combines the special actuators of the AUTOPILOT HYBRID series with the light-weighted and power-saving STEERING ACTUATOR SSP-FrontFree together and used one ruggedized mobile controller unit to run the actuators. As power supply independent batteries are used which can be re-charged from the vehicle DC power it wished and available. The design of the actuators allows to keep the driver seat free and allow a human driver to drive the vehicle when needed. The steering wheel airbag operation stays uninfluenced by the actuators. Remarkable features of this Autonomous driving system are the build in operational safety features with software watch-dogs, hardware watchdogs and the mechanical safety design with spring-loaded actuator positions and an additional, redundant brake system which stops the vehicle in case of power failure or E-STOP trigger. The robot works as actuator system to...

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