Pulley BO-QA Clamping bushings


BO-QA Clamping bushings Pulleys can be fastened to cylindrical shafts or journals safely, flexibly and, above all, economically with BOQA clamping bushings. Shaft-to-hub connections with BOQA fastening elements are: SAFE - non-positive, backlash-free and highly precise fastening of pulleys FAST - marked gain in time needed for assembly FLEXIBLE - wide range of applicability, high delivery standard ECONOMICAL - reduction in costs SPACE-SAVING - extremely compact, no overhang NON-CORROSIVE - made predominantly of stainless steel Shaft-to-hub connections with BOQA fastening elements are insensitive to extreme load alternations. They can be easily adjusted axially and radially, are easy to mount and dismount. Any additional forming of the shaft or other adjustment work will not be necessary.

Conveyor belts
  • Pulley
  • Clamping Bushings
  • cylindrical shafts
  • BOQA clamping bushings
  • Flexible
  • Economical
  • space saving
  • non corrossive

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