Mains current independent Pump system Roma with solar module Pump system Roma consists of a 25 W solar module, two different adjustable sprinkler heads and a high-quality robust pond pump. The solar module converts sunlight into energy and thereby puts the pump into operation. The pump immediately begins to pump the water and either a beautiful fountain or an atmospheric water bell ascend through the attached nozzle. power cable Solar module: - output: 25 Wp - nominal voltage: 17.28 V - nominal current: 1.45 A - Dimensions aluminium frame (L x W x H): 62 x 35.5 x 2.5 cm - IP code: IP 65 - Protection class III - Weight: 2.5 kg Submersible pump: - max. pumping capacity:1300 l/h (in full sunlight) - Max. pumping height: 1.8 m (in full sunlight) - Max. water depth: 2 m - power cable length: 5 m - dimensions (l x w x h): 24.3 x 20.5 x 11.1 cm - hose connection:13 mm - IP code: IP 68 - Protection class: III - weight: 810 g - Nozzle set: 2 water sprinklers (3 level sprinkler or water...

Product features

Material plastic, aluminium
Colour Black, grey
IP code IP65
Protection class III

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