Pump tube B2 Battery Stainless steel, with rotor

Pump Tubes


Immersion depth: 700 mm, with rotor suitable for filling from small vessels such as canisters or hobbocks such as chloric acid, chromic acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and sodium hypochlorite. Suitable for pumping of thin-bodied acids and alkalis, chemicals Features: No grease fillings Optimized drum drainage Modular, service friendly design Benefits: Lube-free pump tube, thus no contamination of the liquid Easy maintenance without special tools Sealless construction (MSL) cannot fail by dry running All-purpose resistant ETFE/PTFE shaft bearing Material: Stainless steel Explosion Protection: not explosion-proof PURE version: without PURE version

Product features

Technical data Pump tube B2 Battery SS
Immersion tube diameter 28 mm
Wetted materials Stainless steel (1.4571), ETFE, PTFE
Impeller Rotor (for higher flow rates)
Seals none
Mechanical seal none
Temperature of medium -15 up to +90 °C
Hose connection G 1 OT
Immersion depth 700 mm
Delivery rate up to 80 l/min. (45 l/min.)
Delivery head up to 8 m wc
Viskosity up to 400 mPas
Density 1.6 kg/dm³

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