Pump tube horizontal container pump B200 in stainless steel

Container Pumps


without PURE version with FPM-seal This very compact pump is an interesting alternative when containers are stored above each other. In these cases an access from above is not possble, but the bottom drain of the IBC can be used. For this purpose the horizontal Lutz B200 is directly connected tot he bottom outlet valve. Liquid examples: Thin-bodied mineral oil products, emulsions, solvents, aqueous solutions, alkalis and acids, vegetable oils, cleansing- and cosmetic care products, disinfectants Features: Centrifugal pump with axial impeller in compact design Directly connected to the bottom outlet valve of the IBC with standard union nut (S60 x 6) Variable drive concept (different universal- and air-driven motors) Explosion proof versions for applications in Ex-areas (zone 1 and 2), including check valve Significantly better hydraulic capacity in comparison to hydrostatic outlet Benefits: Small space requirement Easy disassembly, two-piece pump with clamp connections acc. to...

Product features

Materials Stainless steel 1.4571, ETFE, PTFE carbon, ceramic, EPDM
Density up to 1.4 kg/dm³
Temperature of medium up to 100 °C
Weight approx. 1,5 kg
Flow rate up to 225 l/min.
Delivery head up to 13 m wc
Viscosity up to 650 mPas

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