PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The product is natural and is obtained by solvent extraction of ground seeds of Elettaria Cardamom(L) Maton. PROPERTIES Appearance : free flowing dark greenish brown liquid Solubility : oil Soluble Flavor : A refreshing aroma of cardamom Ingredients : Solvent extracted product with approved emulsifiers SPECIFICATION Volatile Oil Content : 60 - 61% (v/w) Residual solvent :Less than 25 ppm BLENDS OFFERED The above quality is our standard specification. In addition to this customized blends are also offered to meet specific requirements MICROBIAL QUALITY Total plate count : Less than 1000 cells/gram Yeast and Mould : Less than 100 cells/gram E Salmonella: Negative/ 5 grams coli : Negative/ gram HEAVY METALS Total heavy metals: Less than 20 ppm Arsenic: Less than 3 ppm Lead: Less than 5 ppm

Oils, nonfood

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