Pure Spearmint Oil 80%.  - SILVERLINE CHEMICALS LTD


Characteristics A clear, Colourless, pale yellow or greenish yellow liquid visibly free from water, odour, that of spearmint. OpticalRotation-45o to 60o RefractiveIndex 1.484 to 1.491 Solubility inEthanol Soluble in 80% ethanol Weight per ml. 0.917 to 0.934 g ChemicalConstituents Carvone : 80% Packing 180 Kg. in galvanised iron drums Storage Spearmint oil should be kept in a well-filled, well-closed container, protected from light and store at a temperature not exceeding 25o. Aplications Confectionery *Mouth freshners *Chocolates *Chewing Gums *Cough Drops *Analgesic Balms *Inhalers *Tobacco Products *Medicated Oils *Toothpaste *Cosmetics

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  • Pure Spearmint Oil
  • spearmint oil
  • essential oils
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