This pure Vitamin C is a true regenerative treatment to improve cellular vitality and restore the skin’s radiance and luminosity. The effect is a softer, firmer skin, radiating health. This serum contains an effective active ingredient to bring a high moisturizing concentration to the skin. Thanks to its exceptional therapeutic properties, Vitamin C has a positive impact on skin firmness and tone. Released into the balm just before the first application, the Vitamin C is at its highest anti-oxidant efficacy to stimulate the skin and achieve the maximum result. The moisturizing effect of this Complex gradually increases and reaches its maximum effect after 3 hours. It gives visible and immediate results, leaving an incomparably silky touch to the skin. Pure Vitamin C Firming, toning, anti oxidant Hydrating Complex Moisturizing the skin. Press down the top of the cap of the bottle with your thumb to release the vitamin C into the serum. Shake very well. Replace the cap by the...

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