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Purified oils are formulated from distilled extract and base oil. The distilled extract is the winterized raw CO2 extract purified in several stages of molecular distillation. Prior to the distillation process the winterized raw extract is fully decarboxylated. Distillation process removes various coextracted impurities from the raw extract (e.g. residual plant lipids, fine waxes and chlorophyll). After the distillation the extract is rewinterized at extremely low temperature. Distillate flavour prevails in Purified oil. The choice of base oil also affects the taste of the product. Variations of taste and color are minimal between the batches. The distillate is slightly bitter in taste, red in color and has high concentrations of CBD/CBG At room temperature, it will start to crystallize. The purified oil is a fullspectrum product Purified oil is fully decarboxylated