KTISODUR CORNER MORTAR is a 2-component epoxy mortar with very strong mechanical and bonding properties. KTISODUR CORNER MORTAR is used… Ktisodur G - Thick epoxy filling grout Epoxy grout (two-component) used for repairing concrete, and filling cracks and holes. KTISODUR G has a lightweight texture enabling it… Ktisodur X - Fluid epoxy resin KTISODUR X is a fluid epoxy resin with very strong mechanical and bonding properties, KTISODUR X is used primarily to… K-Seal Hybrid Adhesive Sealant (MS-Polymer base) with excellent sealing and adhesion qualities Ktisodur Tile Paste KTISODUR TILE PASTE is an epoxy adhesive with very strong mechanical and bonding properties. KTISODUR TILE PASTE is used primarily… Inject PU - Injectable resin for waterproofing cracks INJECT PU is a two component polyurethane resin with low viscosity used in injection, crack repair, underground construction, and waterproofing…

Industrial resin coatings
  • silicone sealants
  • epoxy resins
  • silicone membranes

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Coatings Silicone coatings
water based liquid coatings Waterproofing coatings

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Constructing rounded floor corners with epoxy grout

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