Pvc Coating


This is an important sign that stands out Fasb Linea 2 from the other competitors. This processing is made through a totally automated machine and it allows to coat the pipe with the PVC. The process starts with pipes long more than 6 meters the PVC coating process is carried out hot, thereafter the pipe is cut following the measures dictated by the needs of the customer and of the product. The great particularity of this processing is the union of different phases in a single productioncycle. In fact, after the PVC coating, the pipe is ready for bending and punching tools operations, made just in one sequence, by preventing any functional limits or appearance defects. The main use of this type of processing is in the electrical sector where the PVCcoated pipe with a constant thickness of 1.1 mm allows the insulation of the pipe from the electricity.

Laser - cutting and welding machines
  • Pipes bending
  • bending machines
  • Punching Bending

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