Q4-120 Laser Scanner

Case Study: non-contacting measurement solution for Plastic Mold


Plastic Mold Part (AC Controller) Inspection At this point the manufacturer is looking for scratches and chips and dimension specifications manually. In this respect manual inspection is not a repeatable or trustworthy method to guarantee steady quality of goods. It will be demanding for a human worker to detect this for a long period. QuellTech Solution Plastic Mold Parts are easily measurable materials for QuellTech scanners. Using the QuellTech Q4-120 Laser Line Scanner it is possible to obtain very precise reflection free 3D point clouds. A Software making necessary detections in 3D point clouds can effortlessly check dimensions and find scratches or any other defect which allows the manufacturer to automatically parse outparts that do not pass the tolerance levels.

  • inline inspection
  • Q4-120 Laser Scanner
  • Plastic mold part inspection

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Plastic Mold Part Inspection

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