Q6 Laser Scanner Case Study

Surface Inspection in Cable Production


Particular Challenges: In the course of the production, endless cables are running at a considerable speed, and supervision has to be carried out nearly under real-time conditions. The size of the objects to be determined, i.e. of the flaws to be discovered, is in the range of only some hundredths of a mm. Another difficulty is the fact that surfaces with very different reflectivity and roughness are involved. In order to be able to check the cables all around, several laser scanners must be in place, mounted at different angles, thus covering the entire range of 360°. Quelltech Solution: The solution consists in a configuration of four Q6 laser scanners, mutually displaced by 90°, so the entire surface of the cables is in the field of view. On the basis of the 100% inline inspection, the position of defects can precisely be determined, without losing too much time.

Machine vision system
  • 100% quality inspection
  • Laser Scanner
  • Surface inspection systems

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