Q6 Laser Scanner

Measurement of Wear on Surfaces


Wear is a damage consisting in gradual removal or deformation of material on solid surfaces, caused by mechanical (e.g. erosion) or chemical (e.g. corrosion) influences. In machine elements, wear may give rise to material failure or loss of functionality. For the application in question, our client has to measure wear on the surface of rollers in cement mills. Up from a certain depth, reactions are required, generated by a warning system to be developed In this project, we used several robust QuellTech Q6 scanners to cover fully the roller width. Due to the high rotational speed of the rollers, we preferred our fastest scanners for this application. We furthermore developed a software solution and implemented a warning system, based on the critical depth of the wears on the surface. By means of this system, the customer can determine the correct time for exchange of the rollers.

  • Q6 Laser Sensors
  • Measurement of wear on surfaces
  • 100% inline measurement

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