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System 8


High Accurate Torque Tester with Fail Safe Engineering Sturtevant Richmont invented the first torque analyzers and torque testers. Those inventions shaped both the manufacturing and the torque tool industry. The new System 8® takes the industry to another level by being the first torque tester to let the workers and supervisors know that the tester may have been pulled out of spec. The most accurate digital torque tester with Fail Safe Engineering! Greater accuracy and durability with simplicity and ease of operation Floating decimal point, 6 digit display is easy to read Accurate to ± 0.25% (indicated value) from 10% to 100% Over capacity alert and tracking What good is testing torque tools with a tester that could be out of spec and you don’t know it? System 8 solves this long standing challenge. Like all Sturtevant Richmont tools it is built for accuracy and durability and meets or exceeds the following standards: ASME B107.300 - 2010 Electronic Tester, Hand Torque...

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