QA Meas. Systems Sturtevant Richmont

Transducer TT-P


TT-P Series Torque Transducers are designed to work with both System 4 / System 5 and System 8 Digital Torque Testers. Features and Benefits Hex mounting flange style. Can be mounted to ML 250 and ML 600 mechanical loaders. All up to 250 lbf·ft capacity can be mounted to Quad Plate for multi-transducer mounting on the ML 250. Smaller sizes (up to 300 lbf·in capacity) can be mounted to STMB or UMB brackets for use with a bench or table. Larger sizes can be mounted on UMB L-bracket. Requires detachable cable (P/N 10293) for attachment to Switch Box or directly to tester. Related Products Mechanical Loader System 8

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