Quality air drying system for any type of spray booth. speeds up drying times of waterborne paints by minimally 50% speeds up drying times of 2 component paints by minimally 30% increase of productivity – reduction in energy costs enhancement of the drying process – extra comfort for the sprayer simply the best investment a body shop can make nowadays automation and other options available recommended by leading paint manufacturers55 Reference Description Box pal QAD 00 QAD standard 4 x 8 nozzles - automatic control box 1 X QAD 02 QAD basic 4 x 8 nozzels - manuel operation 1 X QAD 03 QAD on bake = QAD standard with extra feature for drying clear laqeurs 1 X QAD 06 QAD high range 4 x 10 nozzles (4 x 2 extra) 1 X QAD 51 QAD set vervangfilters - 2st. 1 X

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