QL-120D Durable Tabletop Digital Label Printer

Inkjet Label Printer producing GHS & BS5609 compl. labels; highly durable; CMYK


The QL-120D is the newest member of the QL-120 family of digital label printers, featuring durable pigment-based ink, designed for the harshest labeling applications. The high-performance based pigment ink used in the QL-120D delivers highly durable labels while maintaining sharp, high-resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi graphics, warning symbols, and multi-lingual text. Labels printed on the QL-120D provide the ultimate moisture, chemical, and UV fade resistance. The QL-120D produces BS5609 certified labels, GHS hazard warning labels, horticultural labels/tags or medical/pharma labels that can withstand sterilization and cryogenic freezing. Economical and highly reliable, eliminate down time due to printer changes and costly refurbishment.

Ink jet printing
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  • see water resistent labels

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