This family combines unique advantages like - High process efficiency, combination of high yield and high purity - compact vertical design with small foot print - durable and robust system with stainless steel units - automated direct process control - high yield and constant quality - scalability and direct process transfer within QUANTIpure® family - high temperature homogeneity QUANTIpure® technology uses a vertical design of the sublimation system to minimize floor space requirements. The vertical material flow suppresses trailing ashes. It also allows to process materials with a liquid phase without setup changes. The system is composed of robust components made of stainless steel for high durability and long lifetime. A variety of coatings are available to match with higher materials demands. An excellent temperature homogeneity combined with the direct temperature measurement allows a precise process control. The QUANTIpure® technology is able to process most of today’s...


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