Prompt cement Speedy cement is a very fast setting cement suitable for all common masonry work indoors and outdoors. VOC: A + BENEFITS • Quick setting • Indoor and outdoor use Quick-set cement BENEFITS • quick setting • Can be use indoors and outdoors

Cements, special
  • quick-setting mortars
  • adhesive
  • cement
  • bonding Cement
  • Speedy cement
  • used for indoors and outdoors

Product features

PACK SIZE 2,5 kg bag.
STORAGE 6 months in unopened original packing protected from damp.
SUITABLE SURFACES The surfaces must be clean, free of dust, hard and free of any trace of separation agent.
USE CAUTION The temperature during application and drying must be between 5 and 30°C.
RATE TEMPERING Pure : 1 volume of water for 2 volumes of quick cement.
RATE TEMPERING Mortar : 1 volume of quick cement, 1 volume of sand and 1 volume of water.

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