Veterinary Field ⇒ Immunochromatography (ICT) «Ready to use» immunochromatographic kit for detection of Rotavirus, Cryptosporidium, Coronavirus and Escherichia coli K99 (F5) in bovine stool specimens. 10 individual strips with 4 tests, buffers, sample taking material (test tubes, loops, tube holder) Tests are based on the colloidal gold particles immunochromatographic technique and use coated nitrocellulose strips. Once the strip is dipped into sample solution, liquid sample and gold conjugate both migrate by capillary movement. At the end of the chromatography process, one or two red lines appear indicating either a negative or a positive result respectively. Advantages of the kits: -Sensitive and specific -Easy to perform -Convenient -Simple, accurate and economical -No special skill for interpretation -Minimal faecal manipulation -No instrumentation

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