-Size:40*30*30cm -Material:Stainless steel -Gross weight:4.6kg -Including : (1)Artificial Insemination Kit :1 set (2)Dorsal hook :2 pieces (3)Ventral hook :2 pieces (4)Probe: 2 pieces (5)Microscale syringe(100μl) : 2 pieces (6)Syringe needle :2 pieces (7)Anesthetic room: 2 pieces (8)Ensnare room:2 pieces (9)Piston :2 Pieces

Beekeeping - machinery and equipment
  • Queen Bee Artificial Insemination Kit
  • Queen Bee Fertilization Microscope
  • Bee Artificial Insemination Microscope

Product features

Size 40*30*30cm
Material Stainless steel
Gross weight 4.6kg

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