The Quick Changer system enables quick and easy tool change. It has a low weight, a low installation height and is designed for a payload of up to 20 kg. It is patented, reliable and equipped with a user-friendly connection mechanism. Particularly secure locking structure and locking springs. The Quick Changer system is a unique product and ideal for all collaborative robotic applications. The Quick Changer is the easiest and fastest tool changer. Simply everything you need in one package. Not only suitable for OnRobot products. It can also be combined with tools from other manufacturers. It can also be used for own constructions. Another example is the use of existing tools. These can also be equipped with OnRobot’s quick change system. The Quick Changer is alternatively also available as Dual Quick Changer. This makes it easy to install two tools on one robot arm.

  • quick-change toolposts
  • gripper devices for robots
  • automation and robotics

Product features

Permissible force* max. 400 N
Permissible torque* max. 50 Nm
Nominal payload* max. 20kg
Repeatability +/- 0.02 mm
Gripper mass 0,2 kg
Protection class IP64

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