Quick Connect Couplings

Flat Face Coupling F35


Flat contact face design reduces spill upon disconnection by less than half compared with that of conventional design. Flat contact face design makes it easy to clean dust and foreign matters adhered on the surface of coupling so as to prevent them from entering inside and thus causing faulty operation of connection or disconnection. Flat contact face design minimizes air admixture during connection to keep the possible malfunction of equipment caused by the air bubbles in the hydraulic line at minimum level. Pushtoconnect operation. Sleeve stopper mechanism is engaged by rotating sleeve after connection. It prevents accidental disconnection even when vibration or impact is applied to the Cupla. The special design reduces pressure loss considerably, and especially suited to hydraulic applications in which big flow is needed. Both socket and plug have builtin automatic shutoff valves that prevent fluid spill out on disconnection.

Coupling, pneumatic
  • Face Coupling
  • Plug Coupling

Product features

Applicable Fluids Hydraulic Oil
Working Pressure 350 bar
Valve Structure Two-way shut-off
Body Material Steel
Seal Material FKM / NBR
Size 3/8" / 1/2" / 3/4" / 1"

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