Quick Steam Generator

The quick steam generator LSG-HP


The LSG-HP quick steam generator is a once-through forced flow steam generator. The system consists of a continuous bended single pass through spiral tube system. The feed water is feed into the tube system by means of an accurate positive displacement pump(s). The GekaKonus quick steam generator system type GekaKonus LSG-HP is designed for an open steam/condensate system. Application/Advantages Application The quick steam generator system GekaKonus is being used where the implantation of a closed steam/condensate cycle system in depends of the required process technology not possible. This is for example the case for heating processes where it is necessary to operate with different steam pressures at different stages in the production process within the same system e. g. with different saturated steam temperatures or in processes where the condensate is partial or total loss. GekaKonus GmbH Advantages LSG-HP designed for minimum water content and quickest possible service...

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