The quick-lock clamping-ring fulfils the same requirements as the clamping-ring two piece. This clamping-ring can be opened and closed easily and without any additional tool. It is used for connecting tubes of 1, 2 or 3 mm thickness with only one type of clamping-ring. For each thickness a fitting seal ring is required. Sealing rings guarantee an increased tightness for dust and air as well as a better stability against heat, certain acids, oil and fat. The sealing ring ist mounted on one end of the flanged tube. This connection could be opened and closed without the necessity to mount a new seal ring. Because of a modification we were able to improve using and mounting of this type of clamping-ring. Two-piece clamping-rings to be used with a sealing ring from DN80 to DN630 were tested to be proof against leaking up to a pressure of 2,3barÜ). Moreover Quick-Lock clamping-rings to be used with a sealing ring were proved to be resistent against explosion pressure of 3bar(Ü).

Pipes and tubes, stainless steel

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