Quick Shingle was created to be used in place of any kind of roofing material. It is a granule stone coated bituminous membrane roofing material with surface of painting or formed theme, pattern (tile image, etc.) figure, image, logo and / or print. Quick shingle has been produced as an alternative roofing material for terrace and sloping roofs. Colours: Please see the product website for colours.( Why Should i use QuickShingle ? Low labor cost. A workman lays 30-50m2 shingles, 20-30m2 tiles but 80-100m2 quick shingle in one shift. Low wastage and light weight compared to other types. It can be applied by end users because of its easy application. Weight 3 times lighter than its competitors. Nonfading Stays colored for long years thanks to its UV protecting pigments. Leak proof Full leak proofing and insulation because of Shalumo Torch application and no nails.

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