Quik change


The SUNI sanding discs are, just like the Sunmight sanding material, made of “opencoated” sanding grain and are available in 2 different thicknesses: P36 and P50. The carrier is not the traditional paper or PVC carrier, but a rather solid and thick PVC layer which acts as a carrier and also as a flexible support pad. The SUNI discs can be used to remove paint easily, rust and irregularities on places which are difficult to reach. The back side of the integrated support pad has a thread (1/4”) to able fast changing of accessories. Use of safety goggles is recommended! Reference Description Box Outer box SUNI 0036 Sunmight Quik change sanding disc Ø50mm P36 35 8 SUNI 0050 Sunmight Quik change sanding disc Ø50mm P50 25 8

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