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R5 Efficient Parts Cleaning For Large Volumes


The R5 units from PERO are able to clean large quantities as well as large workpieces in a highly efficient manner with short cycle times. Thanks to its large-capacity processing chamber, the R5 is particularly popular with companies in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as those of forming plants, heat treatment specialists and contract cleaners where high cleaning capacity is a must. Suitably dimensioned tanks guarantee excellent degreasing and cleaning results in single-shift and multiple-shift operation, even at high throughput rates. Cleaning Cleaning with hydrocarbons or modified alcohols with a flash point > 55°C; halogenated hydrocarbons; other solvents on request Available as UNIVERSAL unit Highlights - High flexibility - Maximum throughput - Unrivalled cleaning quality Availability Available as 1- and 2-bath unit with loading of the unit via - Hall trolley - Pallet truck - Automatic charging unit

Cleaning machines, industrial
  • Unrivalled Cleaning
  • Halogenated Cleaning
  • Aerospace Cleaning

Product features

Application Industry suppliers; cutting/non-cutting machining; heat treatment shops; contract cleaners
Suitable for Bulk material; parts on carriers/racks
Loading formats 1.250 x 850 x 970 mm (EURO wire mesh box)
Weight 1.000 kg

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