R7s 9W LED stick light 118mm, 2,800/4,000K - suitable motion detector This LED light bulb was specifically developed in order to be able to replace the high power R7S halogen sticks conventionally used in many halogen spotlights through an energy-efficient alternative. Since the lights are designed as a retro fit solution, absolutely no adapters are necessary, the lights can simply be replaced 1:1. The often very high temperatures that occur with conventional halogen spotlights are a thing of the past thanks to LED technology. Thus, the risk of burns is minimised if the spotlight is installed in an area that may be touched. Due to its high cycle stability of up to 1,000,000 switches, this light can be used without problems in connection with motion detectors. Characteristics: - Very low energy consumption (EEI A) - Very long lifespan, up to 25,000 hours - Insensitive to shock - Mercury-free light bulbs - Suitable for motion detectors

Product features

Energy efficiency class A

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