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RAMOS RS120 Dual-channel Automated Raman Spectrometer Verified by Europages badge

RAMOS 120 series


RAMOS RS120 compact Raman dual-channel spectrometer is a standalone research instrument designed to perform spectral measurements with capabilities at the level of high-end systems. Spectrometer RAMOS RS120 has a rigid, moving parts free design that does not require adjustments, has both high sensitivity and high spectral resolution, and can be equipped with one or two single-mode lasers 488/633 nm or 532/785 nm simultaneously. RAMOS RS120 can be equipped with Raman fiber optic probes. A wide range of capabilities, high reliability, and compact size allow using RAMOS RS120 for various scientific and industrial applications. The objects for complex research can be semiconductors, minerals, polymers, pharmaceutical and biological substances, coatings, and other materials. RAMOS RS120 spectrometer can be equipped with either built-in 532 nm or 785 nm laser or both lasers simultaneously. 488/633 nm lasers are available on request.

Product information

Detector type
Pixel number
Pixel size
7x200 µm
Readout noise
16 and rms
Dark current
400 e-/pixel/s
Dynamic range
Peak sensitivity wavelength
700 nm
Integration time
10 ms – 60 s
Spatial resolution
< 1 µm in the x and y directions (for 532 nm laser)
Confocal (z) resolution
< 2 µm (for 532 nm laser)
Focal length
120 mm
Entrance aperture
60 µm
1200 or 1800 l/mm
PC connection interface
USB 2.0
Power supply
100 – 240 VAC, 50 –60 Hz
140 x 235 x 56 mm
2.5 kg with two lasers, 2.2 kg with one laser