RAMOS S120. Dual-channel Automated Raman Confocal Microscope

RAMOS 120 series


RAMOS S120 compact dualchannel confocal Raman microscope is designed for micro spectral measurements with capabilities at the level of highend systems. RAMOS S120 microscope has a rigid, moving partsfree design that requires no adjustments, has both high sensitivity and high spatial resolution, and can be equipped with two singlemode lasers simultaneously, 488/633 nm or 532/785 nm. Spectral measurements are provided by a highly efficient automated twochannel monochromator spectrograph. Wide possibilities, high reliability, and compactness allow using RAMOS S120 for solving a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. The objects for complex research can be semiconductors, minerals, polymers, pharmaceutical, and biological substances, single molecules and nanoparticles.

Scientific research centres and laboratories
  • Automated Raman
  • Raman Confocal
  • Raman microscope

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