Rapid Prototyping A product has to pass a range of tests before it can be mass produced. This prototype must be fully functional for its intended application and must be free of any defects. Only then can it be released to enter mass production. Therefore, for complex products our developers make so called dummy-samples for development tests to complement simulation . "Dummy-samples“ or "Lab prototypes“ are prototypes which are entirely produced in our own lab and are hand-finished. We use them to evaluate a new design quickly on the real part and in order to conduct initial test in the development phase. This is helpful in cases where complex parts have to be made using the Rapid Prototyping process. Prototypes can be made within a period of 4 to 5 working days. They are made manually and this is the reason why the maximum number of a run is 10-20 items. They are made from the real material and they are completely vulcanized. The difference with the rapid tooling : lab samples are ma