Rapid Tooling Early mass production-like LSR parts within only 10 working days – this is rapid tooling starlim//sterner-style. Rapid Tooling – fast tool making – was developed so our customers could be offered first LSR injection parts after a brief time span; those parts were made under mass production-like conditions. We offer Injection molding of mass production-like LSR parts Maximum output: 300 items Dimensional tolerances in accordance with DIN ISO 3302-1 M1 Standard surface quality max. VDI3400–24 (</= Ra 1.6) Choose between 10-20 working days delivery time after clearance of order form by the customer Limited choice of "standard" materials and colors Parts can be post cured Engravings, data codes and tolerances/surface finish deviating from the standard are not possible Your advantage You have to wait for a maximum of 20 working days until you receive your first serial parts. You have price control because delivery time determines the price. If you need it really quickly, the