LLC Recreation Center Bonustreyd offers to delivery a reducer complex RCG - 8 . The reducer the complex RCG - 8 sold by our company found broad application in the glass industry as a reducer, dye and substitute of sulfate sulfate of sodium. For receiving glass of brown color, from golden to an amber shade, it is necessary to create a recovery environment in furnace charge. For this purpose as one of input products the reducer is entered. Today proved as the best of a number of reducers and continues to hold positions – a reducer complex RCG - 8. Presence at furnace charge leads it to decomposition of sulfates and formation of sulfides, i. e. there is a balance shift towards formation of cations of bivalent iron which finally and paint glass. It is also necessary to emphasize that RCG - 8 positively differs from other types of reducers in the fact that it is possible partially, to replace with it to 60% sulfate of sulfate sodium. The price - contractual; Terms of payment – 100%...

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