Refill air freshener Master FRESH is suitable for most automatic systems including the most popular. Light, delicate fragrance will keep the feeling of freshness and cleanliness in your home for a long time. It can replace candles, aroma lamps, sachets, diffusers. Refill air freshener is a more modern analog of air freshener for the bathroom and toilet. It refreshes and moisturizes the air, creates a comfortable level of aromatization of the living room, children's room or bedroom, neutralizes the smell of frying, some products as onions, garlic, fish on the kitchen. The balloon is valid for up to 60 days due the high concentration and active formula. Fragrance options: Royal Dessert, Waterfall Freshness, Flower Paradise, Anti-tobacco, Exotic Rose, Flavored Cappuccino, Wild Berry, Gingerbread

Hygiene and toilet products
  • refill spray
  • aerosol
  • Air fresheners, household

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