Packing: In 50 KG Bags Inspection: SGS at loading port and sellers cost, Product: white refined beet ICUMSA 45 – conforming to the followin specidications and/or international standard specifications, fit for human consumprionCONSUMPTION BEET SUGAR: REFINED TO ICUMSA 45 RBU STANDARS ORIGIN: EUROPE COLOR: WHITE POLARIZATION AT 20′C: 99,8% MIN. ASH CONTENT: 0,04% MAX. MOISTURE: 0,04% MAX. REDUCING SUGAR: 0,05% MAX. BY WEIGHT PB CONTENT 1 PPM MAX. AS CONTENT 1 PPM MAX. CU CONTENT 3 PPM MAX. HPN STAPH AUREUS: NL (100 MC) SUBSTANCE: CRYSTALS SOLUBILITY: 100% DRY AND FREE FLOWING SEDIMENTS: NONE GRANULATION: MEDIUM TO FINE MAGNETIC PARTICLES: 4MG/KG MAX. SO2 CONTENT: 20 MG/KG MAX. RADIATION: CS-137 AT% § BQ PER KILO. CROP: 2010 OR LATER


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