REI Complex 2 Cardinal Tincture 100ml

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Complex with 13 bio-active contents from fruit, vegetables and herbs for bowel cleansing and strengthening. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus. Supports/Is good for Flatulence Constipation Satiation Cholesterol level Bowel cleansing Gall bladder problems Haemorrhoids Hepatitis Area of use Stomach, bowel, liver, blood, lymphatic system Emotional Analogy: Release Recommended dose FOR CONSUMPTION Take 14 drops 3 times daily with some fluid. Recommended dose TOPICAL Moist wraps: 20 drops in ½ litre water. Content: 100ml Cardinal tinctures A diseased bowel is the mother of all diseases. The bowel processes the food and delivers to the entire body the constructive and vital substances. Waste, toxins and 'garbage' of the metabolic activities are eliminated through the bowel. Toxins appear from the destruction of the bowel content. The toxins reach all organs through the blood and lymphatic system.

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