Every year, the Lemgo composting plant produces 10,000 tonnes of compost and 10,000 tonnes of fermentation products from around 43,000 tonnes of organic and green waste. The Gesellschaft für Abfallentsorgung Lippe mbH (waste disposal corporation) has equipped its composting plant in Lemgo with new Pro2 CHP units. This generates an annual energy output of 6 million kWh from the landfill gases. It supplies 1500 households with regenerative energy and thus contributes to the saving of 30,000 tons of CO2 per year compared to fossil fuels. The waste heat from the CHP unit is also used for heating the fermenters, for evaporation of the press water and for hall heating. The energy centre consists of two CHP modules: two 12-metre-long containers, each equipped with a CES generator, type TCG 2016 V 16 C. Emergency flare, compressor system and gas treatment were also part of the scope of services.

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