RES CUP 6 Oz Vending Cardboard Cups

RES CUP 6 Oz Vending Cardboard Cups
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6 Oz Cardboard Cup Product Features - 6 Oz hot beverage paper cups with a volume of 175 ml / 6 Oz can be used safely for serving all kinds of tea, coffee and other hot beverages. - 6 Oz cold drink paper cups can be used for all kinds of cold drinks from fruit juices to cold soft drinks and cold coffee varieties. - Disposable hot and cold drink cups are approved and safe for food contact. - Water-based paint is used for hot and cold beverage printed cardboard cups and is healthy. It is produced from certified and reliable paper. - 6 Oz paper cups have a paper weight ranging from 160 GSM to 180 GSM and a product weight between 3.05 gr and 3.4 gr. It can carry a liquid volume of approximately 175 ml when full. - 6 Oz paper cups are first class food grade cups. It can be used effortlessly in all conditions. - If you request printed paper cups, we print them using water-based paint. All our paper cups are produced from healthy, certified and reliable paper.

  • Disposable tableware and articles made of paper, cardboard and plastic
  • cups for drinks
  • custom-made cupboards
  • coffee cups


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