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ResFOOD – the biggest producer and wholesale company of professional food products for ASIAN CUISINE (JAPANESE, KOREAN, CHINESE). HoReCa market leader in Russia since 2010 year! More than 250 sku, main products: rice for sushi, prepared seaweed nori, ginger, sauces, healthy food, etc. Guaranteed availability of goods, we have high and stable quality goods with prices, that will surprise and impress you! We have our own food laboratory where we create exclusive recipes and constantly improve the quality and stability of our products. We export to 11 countries of the world. We cook together in our culinary academies, clearly show the difference with competitors and share new recipes with our clients. Our team is professionals in their field. We have more than 200 employees on staff. We are ready to provide all the necessary marketing support: training of sales teams, promotional materials, samples, master classes. Our core competencies: - Product expertise in different countries (availability, competetive price, creation of a trending assortment) - Product development (High quality, RnD, production facilities, own recipes) - Availability of goods all year round (COVID, risk management, quality assurance) - Analytical base (by HoReCa market, by manufacturers, by competitors) - Sales force (we think about the customer, we hear) Resfood has a reputation as an honest and responsible manufacturer.

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Nori Tidori GOLD is the choice the best chefs of Asian cookers. With this elite nori, you can easily prepare premium quality sushi rolls. The nori sheets are tight but tender, melt in the mouth, do not crumble, do not break when rolling - an indicator of the highest quality! They have noble emerald green color. Intense taste and pleasant aftertaste of sesame seeds, it's prepared seaweed Tidori seaweed - dried, without frying and using oils, without heat treatment, retain its beneficial properties. Composition -100% porphyry (red algae). Porphyra is a red seaweed with a high content of minerals (iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium) and vitamins. Non-GMO superfood from South Korea! There are packs of 50 and 100 sheets. 4 stages of quality control: •selection of raw materials by ResFood specialists for a whole year together with the manufacturer, •control of the nori algae production process, •control of packaging and shipment, •quality control upon arrival at the warehouse


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It is used for the preparation of soups, salads, in vegetable, meat and fish dishes, in baked goods and desserts. Natural product from Peru, GMO and gluten free, refined seeds without impurities. Quinoa seeds contain: Dietary fiber Vitamins of group A, group B Vitamins C, E Choline (Choline is essential for the nervous system and improves memory) Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium Copper, manganese, iron, phosphorus and sodium White, red, black or mix - any variations of quinoa and not only from the leaders of Peruvian cuisine in Russia. Advantages: •Does not contain GMO •Gluten free •No dye •No preservatives ResFOOD also has amaranth and chia. Best quality, just try it!


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Udon is the most popular type of noodle in Asia, almost as good as rice. The secret of udon is specially selected wheat flour, which gives the noodles a delicate wheat flavor and pleasant aroma. Kekeshi noodles do not fall apart, they have a perfectly balanced composition, and also - the ability to "absorb" and emphasize the most varied tastes of products. ResFOOD company has a full line of noodles: wheat, buckwheat, egg, ramen and boiled-frozen udon. Noodles are created according to their own and unique recipe. Try it once and you won't want to try another one. Advantages: •100% natural composition: premium wheat flour, water, salt. •Traditional size in width (3 mm) and thickness (1.3 mm). •The finished noodles retain their shape and elasticity for more than two days from the moment they are cooked.


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The Kent variety, A class, uses only ripe fruits. Excellent quality. Mango is grown in Peru. Convenient packaging of 1 kg. Mango is cut into cubes, which makes it much easier to eat frozen. There is no need to break down. Composition: 100% mango pulp is sugar-free, gluten-free, GMO-free. The need for ease of use in ice cream. Ideal for cocktails, clean and other healthy dishes. Natural product The ESORO product line was created for lovers of natural fruits and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to mango, we have frozen foods such as: avocado, strawberry, pineapple, guanabana, lukuma, cherimoya, passion fruit, papaya and Korean citrus Yuzu. More detailed information can be found on our website


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