Resistance tester, coil, USB, automatic coice, extensive standard software


The operation of the measuring section of the RESISTOMAT® model 2304, 2305 high-precision inspection and test unit is based on an upgraded 4-wire design. It measures not only the voltage drops with injected current across the test object but also across an internal reference resistor. The quotient is calculated from both voltage drops. The resistance of the test object is calculated by multiplying this with the characteristic value of the reference resistor. Apart from eliminating the error of contact layer and contact resistance, this method has the advantage that errors reduce to the quality of the internal reference resistors alone. The deviations in these reference resistances are well known and accounted for the multiplication. Features: — Automatic inspection and test unit — Highest measuring accuracy — Inductive probes — Menu control Measuring error ≤ 0,01 %, resolution up to 1 nΩ, standard interfaces IEEE488, RS232, RS485, USB (option)

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • testing machine
  • automatic measuring
  • resistance tester

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Domain electricity
Test type resistance
Tested product coil
Other characteristics automatic,USB

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