The RESISTOMAT® model 2329 is particularly suitable for fast measurements of low resistances in automated processes. Up to 50 measurements per second can easily be performed. The device complies with the latest CE guidelines and is designed for laboratory use as well as heavy-duty industrial applications. A 2-fold and 4-fold comparator with switching outputs has been included for classifi cation and selection; this feature is particularly useful for serial tests. One special application involves the measurement of contact resistances (dry-circuit measurement); the load voltage in this case is limited to 20 mV in order to prevent fritting (DIN IEC 512). The RS232 (standard) and IEEE488, USB and Ethernet (option) computer interfaces allow the set-up of fully automatic testing stations. The PLC interface allows easy integration into your production process control.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • ohmmeter
  • measuring instruments
  • resistance and conductivity measurements

Product features

Measuring range of 200.00 mΩ to 200.00 kΩ
Resolution of 10 μΩ to 10 Ω
Measurement accuracy ≤ 0.03 % rdg.
Measurement display 20 000 counts
Automatic temperature compensation Yes
Comparator Yes
Interfaces RS232 ,PLC, IEEE488 (option)
Interfaces USB (option) Ethernet (option)

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