RHE Complex 7 Cardinal Tincture 100ml

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Complex with 13 bio-active contents from fruit, vegetables and herbs against rheumatism, joint problems and inflammations. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus. Supports/Is good for Osteoarthrosis and arthritis Inter-vertebral disc problems Joint problems Cartilage Gout Rheumatism Bladder problems Oedema Blood cleansing Cellulite Psoriasis Dermatitis Water retention removal therapy Hyper-acidity Area of use Musculo-skeletal system, rheumatic diseases, skin, urinary bladder Cardinal tinctures Recommended dose FOR CONSUMPTION Take 14 drops 3 times daily with some fluid. Recommended dose TOPICAL Moist wraps: 20 drops in ½ litre water. In rheumatic diseases, (acute and chronic) inflammation and wear-tear mostly cause painful changes in the tissue in the joints. Severe pain restricts the mobility from the beginning. Chronic diseases indicate an excessive demand on the self-healing powers.

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