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We produce building materials with the brand name of RIZOLIN since 2009: self-adhesive waterproofing construction materials and polymer bituminous covers for roofing works. Waterproofing construction products of RIZOLIN are of high strength, longevity, low cost, perfect adhesion to the base, easy installation, aesthetic appearance, plasticity, low labor costs for waterproofing at complicated areas. RIZOLIN construction materials have such advantage as processability •High strength – fiberglass fabric reinforcing layer. •Longevity – protective layer – aluminum foil. •Material installation – fireless application to any base. •Up to 30% electricity savings for the room conditioning and ventilation during the hot period of the year by the effect of the foil reflection up to 85% of solar energy. Our construction materials are applicable for all waterproofing works: underground parkings, metro stations, bridges, roads and airdrop take-off sites as well as roofing works for new buildings and renovation of historical buildings of any complexity. The unique fireproofing characteristics among the bituminous materials: В1, РП1, КП0, European certificate Broof T3.

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Used for acoustic, vibration insulation of vehicles; in ventilation systems of trading spaces, production facilities, public spaces, communication lines.RIZOLIN Sound Insulation F is a selfadhesive bitumen and polymeric material with additional degree of protection made of aluminium foil. The material is waterproof, resistant to vibrations and mechanical influences, bioresistant.To apply Rizolin Sound Insulation — F it is enough to take off a release film, press the material to a dry and degreased surface and roll it down with a roller. Track beds are laid in seams, with the bitumen and polymeric side to the base. ATTENTION Selfadhesive material properties retain at an air temperature above +10°С. If faulty adhesion has occurred, the material can be heated from adhesive side till appearance of high luster.


The material is used in shoring overlaps of houses, production facilities, trading spaces, warehouse complexes and structures; agricultural objects; industrial coldstorage plants and lowtemperature warehouses; exhibition facilities and pavilions; as well as, during application and reconstruction of buildings for lightening of roof structures and improving their thermalinsulating and waterproofing properties.RIZOLIN Sandwich is a sandwich (threelayer) construction with the outer layers made of the material RIZOLIN FSa and middle thermal insulation blanket of expended polysterene or basaltic mineral wool heat insulator (incombustible material, is used in building of constructions with strict requirements safety regulations). The material RIZOLIN Sandwich is extremely lightweight, resistant to ultraviolet impact and corrosive environment. Has high heatresisting quality. Can be used in all climatic zones (according to SNiP 230199).


The material is used for repair and sealing joints seams and junctures of different roof and waterproofing cloths, pipelinesair tubes, gutter systems; • Waterproofing, heat proofing and repairing of pipelines, air tubes, door units and window frames; • Vibration and sound insulation of vehicles. High adhesive rate to all kinds of bases (metal, concrete, wooden, polymer) Multipurpose selfadhesive sealing tape Rizolin FS, AS is made of reinforced, tearresistant fiberglass cloth impregnated with bitumen and polymeric composition. • FS type sealing tape is made with an aluminium foil protective layer, • AS type sealing tape is selfadhesive from both sides. • The material is waterproof, resistant to mechanical influences, rapid changes of temperature, ultraviolet influence and corrosion. Can be applied in all climatic zones (according to SNiP 230199)


Primer is used for preparation of a surface to be insulated (concrete slab, cementsand screed, brick work etc.) during installation and repairing of soft roofing, waterproofing of foundations, basements, swimming pools, parkings; construction of bridge bays; insulation of pipelines inner surfaces; for metal surfaces; for metal surfaces protection against corrosion, as well as the temporary protection of different building constructions against negative influence of moisture.Petroleum bitumen and organic solvents forming the primer are the products of the highest quality. They impenetrate materials and dry rapidly. These material properties ensure reliable and qualitative adherence of coating with dusty, opentextured and rough surfaces that allows to form a strong and longlasting layer of waterproofing. Bitumen primer does not contain any inclusions and inhomogeneities as well as toxic solvents.

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