RMC621 Flow and energy manager


The flow and energy manager RMC621 calculates standard volume as well as mass and energy flows of natural and technical gases, fluids and steam from flow, pressure, temperature and density. Depending on the medium calculation of the energy values occurs according to international standards (IAPWSIF97, SGERG88), real gas equations (SRK) or specific tables. For differential pressure measurements coefficients for flow compensation are calculated over the complete operating range of the flow sensor.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments

Product features

Measuring Principle Energy manager
Function Gas, liquids, steam and water bilancing for industrial energy management
Certification UL rec. Comp; CSA GP; ATEX Ex ia; FM USA IS; FM USA NI; CSA IS
Input 2...8x PFM; 2...8x I; 2...8x Impulse (aktiv); 2...6x RTD; 2...8x Impulse (passiv)
Output 3...9x transmitter power supply
Relay output 1...7 no contacts
Auxiliary power supply 90...250V AC 50/60 Hz; 20...28V AC 50/60 Hz; 20...36V DC
Dimensions (wxhxd) 135 x 108 x 114 mm; (5.32" x 4.25" x 4.49")
Software International calculation standards for gas, liquids, steam and water
Operation Soft keys RS232 and operation software ReadWin 2000

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