Just feed Sea Water, and get Potable Water Most Compact and Eco-friendly Design * Continuously removing the impurities by full automatic back-washable microfiltration * ​Perfectly removing plankton and bacteria by Hollow-fiber UF up to 0.04 micron * Saving electricity by over 40% than existing other SWRO by Energy Recovery Device * Reducing chemicals and consumable media for pre-treatment * Long-life membrane design by intelligent backwashing process and auto CIP * Using super duplex pump and duplex piping to prevent the corrosion * Full automatic, Digital, Easy Control Design for beginner * Remote control by using internet and mobile phone (option) For more information, please feel free to contact us. HNL GLOBAL GROUP (hnl-global com)

Water retreatment - equipment and installations
  • ro system
  • seawater treatment
  • containerized water treatment system
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