RPD Reference gas meter


The rotary gas meters GM4 and GM16 meet the highest demands for reliable and precise reference measurement of smallest quantities up to 0.01 m³/h. They operate according to the direct displacement principle (RPD - rotary positive displacement), in which two counter-rotating pistons convey a fixed volume from the inlet to the outlet of the gas meter with each full revolution. Due to the specially shaped pistons, absolutely pulsation-free operation can be achieved (patent pending). They achieve an excellent measuring accuracy of 0.5 % MW + 0.005 % EW. Both versions are suitable for operation up to 6 bar overpressure. With continuous, absolutely pulsation-free and highly precise flow measurement, the reference gas meters from Ehrler Prüftechnik are the gold standard in the field of small volume measurement. Features: Reference measurement of small flow rates Continuous and absolutely pulsation-free Overpressure operation Excellent measurement accuracy Robust & compact design

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Product features

Qmin 0.01 m3/h
Qmax 16 m3/h
Measurement accuarcy 0.5 % MV + 0.005 % EV

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